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Air Stream Spray Dryer classification and use requirements
Jul 04, 2018

The droplets that can be atomized by the Air Stream Spray Dryer are generally 10-200 microns. The surface area of the whole equipment is very large. The drying process is completed in the drying vessel for 20-30 seconds. The time of the whole equipment is very short. , always constant speed during the drying process.

The droplet temperature of the Air Stream Spray Dryer is almost the same as the wet bulb temperature of the hot air, and can be directly used to dry a large amount of heat sensitive material during operation, since a large amount of air is used. Therefore, the volume of the spray dryer is relatively large, so the volumetric heat transfer coefficient of the spray dryer is lower than that of other dryers.

Air Stream Spray Dryer classification

1. Direct feeding type: When it is operated, its wet material is directly added to its hot air to disperse it.

2. With disperser type: The wet material is added to the hot gas stream through a disperser.

3. With pulverizer type: The filter cake material can stir the material and the hot air vigorously through the pulverizer, so the heat volume efficiency is extremely great.


The Air Stream Spray Dryer can dry the liquid material to a certain extent, and the effect of the filter cake material can be more in the operation, and the similarities between the two can be used as a large-scale treatment. ,

However, the status of the processed materials does not differ.

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