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Advantages of plate drying equipment and low noise
Dec 24, 2018

The disc drying device has low power consumption and low noise when used, and the entire device has a low spindle speed during the drying process, and the spindle speed is low, and the power required for the entire equipment in the conveying system is small, and The power consumption is very small, and the power consumption of the complete drying device is only 1/5~1/7 of the power consumption of the convection heat transfer device, and the noise is small.

The material of the disc drying equipment is very uniform in heat, and the drying time of the whole equipment is short. To some extent, the material travels in the drying tray along the Archimedes spiral movement track during the drying process. It is 5 times the radius of the drying disc and falls down layer by layer. Therefore, the time when the material contacts the heating surface is basically the same, and the heat is very uniform.

Advantages of disc drying equipment

1. Material loss is small and environmental protection is good.

2. Large drying capacity.

3. The equipment is closed and continuous operation, and the labor intensity of the workers is low.

4. The drying medium can utilize the steam generated by the waste heat boiler, thus saving a lot of coal.

5. Product quality is stable.

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