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Advantages of continuous plate drying machine and heating medium
Mar 27, 2018

The continuous plate drying machine is an efficient conductive type continuous drying device in the process of operation, and its equipment will have a unique structure and working principle, to a certain extent it has a high thermal efficiency, small footprint, configuration Simple, low energy consumption, easy operation and control, simple configuration and other advantages.

In the process of manufacturing, the continuous plate drying machine does not need to be equipped with a cyclone dust collector that must be equipped with spray drying. During the operation, hot air is not used as a heating medium, so it will not happen because the hot air and dust are not separated well with the exhaust gas entrainment. Product loss caused.

The disc-type continuous dryer is very simple in the process of regulation. During the operation, the drying process can be optimized by adjusting the thickness of the material layer, the number of arms, the size, the rotation speed of the spindle, and the shape of the rake leaf. Each layer of drying plate can be separately put into cold and hot medium, and the material can be cooled or heated to accurately and easily control the temperature of the material.

The continuous plate drying machine can effectively and accurately adjust the residence time of its materials, its single material flow direction, no back mixing phenomenon, uniform drying, no need of mixing, convenient operation, and the operation of drying and parking of the dryer is very simple. After the feeding is stopped, the conveyed material scales can rapidly empty the contents of the dryer.

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