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Advantages of Air Stream Spray Dryer
Feb 27, 2018

Compared with other types of dryers, Air stream spray dryer is widely used in small and medium-sized industries such as pharmaceuticals, dyes and plastics. Because of their large pore size, they are more suitable for slurry containing coarse particles and Dry sticky material.


Air stream spray dryer through the compressed air in the atomizer to produce high-speed airflow or even the supersonic airflow, so that liquid and air flow friction between the friction and shear, the liquid in an instant was pulled into a long thin wire, Then these liquid filaments in the thinner quickly broken to form tiny droplets, and was atomized.


It is understood that the aerosol spray dryer atomization mechanism mainly drop-shaped, filamentous and membranous split three, of which the air-jet nozzle in the general case of membranous split, so the droplets fine. In the actual process, if you want to get finer droplets, you can increase the gas-liquid ratio achieved.


Air flow spray dryer according to the material viscosity and product size requirements can be divided into internal mixed and external mixing, but in any case, this dryer has a simple structure, small wear and tear, and low operating pressure, does not require high pressure pump Etc., suitable for low viscosity or high viscosity materials.


It is the air stream spray dryer with the above advantages, so we use it to the flue gas treatment system is appropriate, however, the pre-pulverized absorbent spray atomized atomized spray drying tower, a large The atomized surface area of the absorbent and flue gas mixture, the chemical reaction and heat transfer process, the role of acidic oxides and alkaline substances generated stable sulfate, the resulting product to dry part of the recovery, part into the precipitator to To achieve the purpose of dust and desulfurization.

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