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Advantages and Features of Vibro Fluid Bed Dryer
Apr 17, 2018

In the operation process of the vibro fluid bed dryer, the objects are heated evenly and the heat exchange is sufficient. The drying strength of the whole device is high, and to a certain extent, it is 30%-50% more energy than an ordinary dryer, and the vibrating fluidized bed The vibration source of the dryer is driven by a vibration motor, which has the advantages of balanced operation and long service life.

The vibro fluid bed dryer is uniform in fluidization during operation, and has no dead space and blow-through phenomenon during operation. In the process of use, uniform dry cooling and humidified products can be obtained, and the vibrating fluidized bed drying can be achieved. The adjustability of the machine is good, the width of the adaptation area is wide, the thickness of the material layer, the movement speed in the machine, and the change of the full amplitude can all achieve stepless adjustment.

The vibro fluid bed dryer will damage the surface of the material to a certain extent, and can be directly used for the drying of the fragile material when it is operated. When the particles of the material are irregular, the working effect is not affected. The entire apparatus is With a fully enclosed structure, it can effectively prevent cross-infection of its materials and the outside air to a certain extent, and the operating environment is clean.

The vibration of the fluidized bed dryer is conducive to the dispersion of the materials. When the operation is performed, the appropriate vibration parameters are selected. When the operation is performed, the materials that are easy to agglomerate or generate the channel current in the ordinary fluidized bed can be smoothly fluidized. dry.

The vibrating fluidized bed dryer has no fierce backmixing phenomenon, and the gas flow velocity during the operation is lower than that of the ordinary fluidized bed, so that the material particles are less damaged. In the drying process, the material that does not destroy the crystal shape or has the required surface luminosity is most suitable.

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