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Adsorption dryer
Feb 02, 2018

In the application of many similar to the precision electronics industry or the use of high-precision instruments, because the process requirements will be compressed air pressure dew point down to 0 ℃ below, because the freeze-type dryer pressure dew point less than 0 ℃ will appear when the pipeline icing phenomenon, the use of frozen drying can not meet the requirements of the process, Division I in the introduction of advanced refrigeration dryer manufacturing technology at the same time, but also the introduction of heat-free adsorption dryer manufacturing technology, the lowest dew point temperature can be-70 ℃, while the use of high-quality materials such as imported stainless steel pneumatic valves, stainless steel one-way valve manufacturing, to avoid pipeline pollution, improve air quality. In the introduction and absorption at the same time combined with domestic experience, in order to reduce the gas consumption without heat dryer and the derivation of micro-thermal dryer and modular dryer to reduce the compressed air consumption, the minimum gas consumption can reach 5%. To meet the needs of different users.

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