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Chinese Herbal Medicine Extract Spraying Dryer

Chinese Herbal Medicine Extract Spraying Dryer

Chinese herbal medicine extract spraying dryer is an application of centrifuge atomizing technique special raw materials. It is an apparatus using high-speed centrifuge to make raw material distribute fog that cintacts with hot air fully and finsh the dry momentarily and form powder finished product.The special drier for immersed ointment of trdaitional chinesemedicine is used to solve immersed ointment of traditional Chinese medicine and extacted Iiquid of plant.

Product Description

Chinese herbal medicine extract is refined from root, stem and leaves of plants, and especially for alcohol extraction it contains high sugar content, which is easily melted at high temperature. Normal centrifugal spraying cannot meet its drying requirements. For this reason, our company organized a group of technicians to develop Chinese herbal medicine extract spraying dryer .after repeated calculations and countless tests on the basis of our experience to make spraying dryer and collect advantages of same kind of dryers from both domestic and abroad and promote it to some renowned pharmaceutical factories.

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Chinese Herbal Medicine Extract Spraying Dryer Working Principle

Chinese medicine extract high-speed centrifugal spray device is the application of centrifugal spray drying technology in the specific material drying, but also the use of high-speed centrifugal atomizer material dispersed into a mist, full contact with the hot air to complete an instant drying, the formation of powder Finished product drying device.

Chinese Herbal Medicine Extract Spraying Dryer Features

1. Tower body with a cold jacket;

2. Tower body equipped with automatic rapping device;

3. The tower body, the pipeline is equipped with quick-opening cleaning hole and sewage hole;

4. Can be equipped with automatic control constant temperature feed tank;

5. Can be equipped with manual high-pressure washing tower, random attachment;

6. Parts in contact with the material made of stainless steel; (or all stainless steel)

7. Material collection using two cyclone dust removal device, or a cyclone and wet dust precipitator;

8. Into the air temperature to achieve automatic control and continuous device;

9. Can be equipped with air sweeping device.

Our Advantages of Chinese Herbal Medicine Extract Spraying Dryer

1. ln order to prevent to produce adhering wall phenomebon,the equipment has air cleaning wall and jacket cooling structure at tower is effective to eliminate adhering wall and coking and improve the quality of product and yeild.

2. Special blowing ystem of finished product:it can separate dried finished product and wet air inside the system in time and avoid the possibility for finished product absorbing damp and agglomeration.

3. Air to enter into the drier adapts three—level air makes the fed air reach to the requiement of 300000 grades.

4. Adapt quick open washing device.Therefore it is suitable for productive requirement of various varieties.

5. The collection of material adapts two—grade cyclone dust catching device or onegrade cyclone dust catching device and wet type dust catcher. 

6. The volume and configuration of atomizing tower should be adjusted suitably in accordance with the property of material in order to make it have more applicability.

7. Can choose PLCcontroI and program control system screerm to display.

8. The design and manufacture of whole drying system conforms to the requirement of GMP.

9. When order, customer may choose A type, B type or C type in accordance with the property orf material in order to reach best applicability between equipment and material.

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