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Horizontal Boiling Dryer

Horizontal Boiling Dryer

Horizontal boiling dryer also known as fluid bed, which is composed of air filters, heaters, fluidized bed host, cyclone separator, bag filter, high pressure centrifugal fan, console, due to the different nature of the dry material , Supporting dust removal equipment, according to need to be considered, can also choose the cyclone, bag filter, you can choose one of them.

Horizontal Boiling Dryer Quick Details

Condition: New

Type: Fluid Bed Drying Equipment

Application: Chemical, food, Feedstuff industry etc.

Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: NANFANG

Model Number: NQF Series

Material: Stainless Steel or carbon steel

Voltage: 220V,380V,440V,Customized

Power(W): 5.5kw-37kw

Dimension(L*W*H): Based on actual design

Weight:Based on the model

Certification: CE,ISO9001

Warranty: 1 year

After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas

Technical service: Provide

Heating fuel: Steam or natural gas furnace etc.

Control system: Touch screen

Raw material: Wet powder, light and small granule etc., no viscidity

Payment term: TT, LC

Packing: Standard export packing

Delivery date: Negotiable

Warranty: 1 year

MOQ: 1 set

Product Description

Horizontal boiling dryer, also known as fluidized bed. It is composed of air filter, heater, ebullating bed, cyclone separator, bag filter, high pressure centrifugal fan and console. Due to the different nature of the dry materials, , Can be considered as needed, you can also choose the cyclone, bag filter, you can choose one of them, in general, such as larger proportion of granules and granules dry only need to select the cyclone, the lighter the smaller particles Bag-shaped and powder materials need to be matched bag filter, and equipped with pneumatic feeding device and belt conveyor for selection.

The granular solid material is added to the fluidized bed dryer by the feeder, and the filtered clean air is heated and then sent to the bottom of the fluidized bed by the blower to make contact with the solid material through the distribution plate to form a fluid -ized gas-solid heat and mass exchange. The material is discharged from the discharge port after drying, and the exhaust gas is discharged from the top of the bubbling bed through the cyclone dust collector and the bag filter to recover the solid powder and then empty.

Steam, electricity, hot stove can be equipped with (according to user requirements).

Horizontal Boiling Dryer Working Principle and Scheme of Process Flow

Heated air enters into the dryer from bottom of cone as per certain speed(that is dependent on comprehensive indexes including specific gravity, viscosity and moisture content of material),material fed by spiral feeder is crushed into the particles by high speed rotating crushing device installed at the bottom of the cone, which touch hot air sufficiently during gas-solid boiling and thus being dried speedily ,reasonable air speed can adjust the fineness and drying effect of particles efficiently .Finished powdery material enters into cyclone separation along with the air current and the dusty air is exhausted by draught fan after cleaning by bag filter.

Horizontal Boiling Dryer.jpg

Cleaner: According to features of material, bag collector or wet spraying dust cleaner can be used as 2nd phase dust cleaning equipment.

Steam, electricity or heat air furnace heating can be selected as heat source according to factory conditions and allowed temperature of the material.

Horizontal Boiling Dryer Technical Parameters









Working Temperature








Max evaporation








Compress air








Consumption of compressed air








Installed power








Recovery rate of dry product








Floor space m2








Horizontal Boiling Dryer Process Features

1. Combining crushing, drying and classification, realize continuous production.

2. With compact structure and small dimension, it has large production capacity.

3. Lower unit energy consumption and higher drying strength.

4. With short drying time (3-10s), it’s also applicable for temperature sensitive materials.

Horizontal Boiling Dryer Application

Horizontal Boiling Dryer Application.jpg

Boiling dryer is applicable for continuous drying of high humidity, high viscosity and temperature sensitive pasty, filter cake, lump and powdery materials in such trades as dyestuff, pigment, paint, agricultural chemicals, rubber assistants and mining etc., finished product is of powder.

Dry material:

Pesticides: Carbendazim, benomyl, atrazine, glyphosate, asomate, thiram, tricyclazole etc. 

Dyestuff and pigment: Acid dyestuff ,alkali dyestuff, direct dyestuff, recovery.

Inorganic chemical: Zeolite, aluminum hydroxide, titanium white.

Rubber accelerant: CZ ,TMTD,DM etc.

Horizontal Boiling Dryer.jpg

Horizontal Boiling Dryer.jpg

Horizontal Boiling Dryer.jpg

Why Choose NANFANG

1. International high quality certification product chain

2. Manufacturer, more reasonable price

3. Solid technical support and after-sales service

4. Uphold the principle of “Customer Supreme”( Balance payment after equipments run normally)

5. One-stop service, customized exclusive project feasibility report

Special Notice:

In order to quota you the right horizontal boiling dryer with best price, we would like to get the following information include in your inquiry:

-What is the raw material? Material related characteristic? Does it corrosive, strong basicity, or highly acid? Please confirm.

-What is the capacity per hour you need (kg/h)?

-What is the initial moisture and final moisture of finished products you require to get?

-What about the maximum heat temperature of raw material?

-What kind of fuel you use to heat the dryer? Natural gas, electricity, fuel oil or steam?

-Which equipment material do you like prefer? SUS304, SUS316L or Carbon steel?

-Provide us your country’s electricity information, such as phases, voltage, HZ?

-How about dust collect requirements?

-Other special requirements?

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